Angie Lorger - Designer

Angie Lorger

Design Technician Townsville

Angie started at Moduline in 2017 and is one of a team of Design Technicians that specialise in turning client briefs into technical drawings and specifications that are ready for manufacturing.

Angie works passionately with all of our designers to ensure their concept and their client's ideas are accurately turned into viable plans. You may not see Angie during your experience with Moduline but be assured she is busy behind the scenes keeping the business moving.

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I love seeing a pile of notes & concept sketches turn into a fully dimensioned and scaled plan!

Book a consultation Angie Lorger is packed full of ideas on how to turn your dream into a reality.

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As your move around our website and see images you like, look for this Inspiration wand and save images to your personal palette. You'll see them appear here. When finished, simply email them to us and we'll be in touch. This is a great way to start your design journey!

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